My Mom and Dad on their Honeymoon…with my Mom’s Mom!

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I love this picture. It’s my parents on their honeymoon along with…ta da…my mother’s mother! My grandfather took the picture.

Why were my grandparents on the honeymoon? Because they went everywhere with my parents, and my father was a good sport about it.

The wedding actually took place in February, so they postponed the honeymoon a few months until it was warm enough on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

I love how my father, at 21, looks so in control of the situation, the master of his world. He has his adorable bride on one arm, and his mother in law on the other, and his camera in his hand, and he’s ready to face anything. My mother was just 18, and she always said Dad seemed so mature.

Also, I love my Nana. All my life she was dressed that way: hat, gloves, matching purse, plus high heels, even in the sand on the beach! My mother is barefoot, but Nana is in stockings and high heels. She died in 1985, still keeping up her stylish standards.

In 2013, my father died of Parkinson’s. For a boy so full of promise, it was awful to see him deteriorate physically, and sometimes mentally. He had been so capable, and now he was reduced to depending on others and not remembering how to do things. Now, my mother is alone in her house, struggling on. Youth is beautiful, old age is challenging. That’s why I value this picture of them in their prime so very dearly. ~Shared by @susiejacuzzi

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