Our Journeys Are Our Legacy

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Our Journeys Are Our Legacy

“I barely remember that girl,” she said.

The hands that hold this picture are worn. They are full. They are beautiful. These hands have raised babies, served homemade meals, turned the pages of her favorite books, been held out in prayer, thrown up in surrender and hugged us so tightly, we knew her love was the forever kind.

These hands have traveled far, captured memories and brought back mementos we’ve treasured ever since. These hands have written on love letters, birth certificates, marriage vows, and the back of every picture she owns, so as to not forget the days and the people that were in them.

These hands have been strong through cancer. They have bared down through the uncharted waters and continually served comfort to the wearied and weak. These hands have fed us, bathed us, protected us, embraced us and wiped the tears off our red little cheeks.

These hands, these celebrated hands, they belong to my grandma.

Our journeys will wear us. They will age us. They will bring life, love, captivating tales, unassuming wisdom and the most wondrously unexpected gifts.

Our journeys and all that they come with, are our LEGACY. ~shared by @tarrakruzan

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Hilarie says:

February 22, 2016 at 8:56 pm

What a beautiful tribute!! So well said. Thank you for sharing!


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