An Indian Patriarch on His Wedding Day in 1960

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16 June 1960, New Delhi, India.

My handsome ‘nanaji’ (maternal grandfather) Amrik Singh Rana and his cousins on his wedding day.

Nanaji, born during the British Raj in India, had a love for modernity. He always brought his daughters western outfits from his travels abroad and had the sweetest curiosity for his grandchildren’s new gadgets in his later years.

It’s so special to see him at age 28, somehow the same man I knew as a child. He and his crew are clad in English suits with their Sikh turbans, as opposed to the traditional Indian attire. His ‘baarat’ (wedding procession) featured not a horse, as per wedding customs, but the iconic Hindustan Ambassador car introduced in post-colonial India just 2 years before the wedding!

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