A Single Snapshot Captures a Friendship that Spanned Generations

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Some flashbacks are better than others, especially when they bring back memories of dear friends and family.
Here I am in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Alverno College. I’m on the left, my mom is on the right. One of my mom’s best friends, Sister Andre, is front and center. During her college years at Marquette University, my mom met Sister Andre (who was then known as Gladys) and they became great friends. They graduated together in 1933.
When I decided to enroll as a student at Alverno College, I received a booklet with names of the college staff. My mom looked at it and wondered if “Sister Andre” was actually her dear friend Gladys from college? Gladys had entered a convent just two weeks after my mom married. My mom had not seen Gladys since her wedding day.
Well, turns out it WAS her friend Gladys (now Sister Andre). My choice to attend Alverno College opened the door to many years of visiting for my parents with Sister Andre. In fact, when the two former classmates met again, it was as though time had stopped and they were college kids again. The chatter and laughter between them was enchanting to watch!
Sister Andre was head librarian and we grew to be close friends and remained so until her death. I shared my ups and downs through many letters and cards. I kept all of the letters she sent me. Our birthdays were a few days apart in the same month. I shared so much of my life with her, thanks to the friendship she had forged with my mother so many years before.
Life has many turns and surprises. And many blessings! ~shared by @tejas42


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