Meet my Grandfather George as a Newsboy in the 1920s

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Meet my Grandfather George as a Newsboy in the 1920s

It’s a stereotype that Italian mothers are very protective of their sons, and for my grandfather, it was true. My grandfather George is the third from the right, posing with his newsboy buddies in 1924.

George was the youngest of my great grandmother’s four boys and was her favorite. She always dreamed of a beautiful future for him. Born in 1910, an era when child labor was quite common, 4-year-old George got a job selling newspapers, a penny a paper.

Now let’s time travel. At 29 years old, George was working for the American Can Company in Philadelphia. He was sharing an apartment with his friend Wally, who was dating a girl named Jessie Seitz. When George saw Jessie for the first time, his heart nearly beat out of his chest. She had dark brown hair and green eyes that seemed to sparkle when she smiled.

Wally asked George to go on a double date with him and Jessie to a football game. George brought a girl who was pretty, but he had eyes for Jessie. Through the game, George and Jessie were making eyes at each other. At the end of the George asked Wally if he could date Jessie. Luckily, Wally happily obliged.

George and Jessie were married on October 9, 1939 and took a honeymoon to Niagara Falls. In 1942, the first of their 5 children would be born and thus began a lifetime of happiness. His Italian mother would be proud!

When I hear the smooth drawl of Frank Sinatra’s voice I think of Jessie, and each time I hear “Let’s Have Another Cup Of Coffee,” I think of George singing it as he made his coffee.

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