Remembering a Hero on Veteran’s Day

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Remembering a Hero on Veteran's Day

Today is a special day, a time to honor the veterans who have served us all.

Meet my grandfather Edward Burvenich, pictured here from 1st grade in Cologne, Germany to serving with the US Army in the Pacific Theater.

He and his family traveled across the Atlantic to New York seeking better opportunity in 1937. His father owned a small taxi company in the city of Cologne and passed away in the early 1930s. His mother was forced to get rid of the company because women were not allowed to own such businesses. I have been told his family were not fans of the Nazi Party and were part of a large percentage of Germans that voted against them in the 1933 election.

When Eddy came to the US, he worked full time at his aunt’s husband’s French restaurant in Huntington, New York. He was only 14 years old. A few years later in 1942, he joined the US Army and was assigned to the 94th Infantry Division. Later he was transferred to the 713th Tank Battalion.

The 94th Infantry Division was sent to the European Theater. Eddy’s unit was equipped with flame throwing Sherman tanks commonly called Zippos. They fought hard and well, supporting Marines through the entirety of the Battle for Okinawa. Eddy was frequently asked by other servicemen how a full blooded “kraut” like himself ended up fighting for America in the Pacific?

In the post-war years, Eddy was a union carpenter and a jack of all trades. He loved to fix things and farm in his garden. I spent a good amount of my childhood with him, and even went to a couple of his US Army unit’s reunions.

My grandfather was my personal hero growing up and sparked the love and interest I have for the WWII era. He was a man with a big heart who was big on respect and discipline. He was truly an asset to the greatest generation this country has ever seen. ~shared by @ww2showcase

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