Things I Learned from My Dad Max

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Things I Learned from My Dad Max

The man holding the camera is my dad, Max, around 1969-70.

He was a journalist, musician, artist, photographer, businessman, local alderman, and community activist. Most important, he was a husband and a father.

He loved to travel and the souvenirs he collected were friendships with diverse people.

Today we say farewell to him and honor his legacy with these words, which will be read aloud at his memorial… memorial service tomorrow:

Things I Learned From My Dad Max:

Travel far and often.
Stay engaged in life.
Be interested in everything.
Have opinions.
Cultivate a wide variety of friendships.
Listen to all kinds of music.
Wear a hat in the sun.
Move turtles off the road.
Get involved in your community.
Enjoy good food.
Exit the highway and take a two lane road.
Have a dog. Or two.
Don’t settle for the keys; get the title.
Do not suffer fools.
Plant a garden: flowers and vegetables.
Spend time by the water.
Brag about your children and grandchildren.
Eat dessert.
Know the difference between wealth and money.
Read a lot.
Take care of your teeth.
Stay current with the ever-changing world.
Surround yourself with things that hold a story.
Tell those stories.
Talk. Talk. Talk.
Appreciate beauty.
Love. ~shared by @a_librarian

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