This is how I like to remember my grandfather

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This is how I like to remember my grandfather

I received a call at work that was vague and worrying. It was from my mother, telling me to leave work right away.

When I arrived at the house, she was in tears, sitting in the corner of her bedroom on the floor.

I had lost my grandfather, G.W. Marts.

I was in shock, and possibly denial, and proceeded to call my grandmother. She told me stories over the phone, and told me not to worry. My grandfather was not an easy person to be around, and frankly, I believe he made the decision to keep his relationships distant. So I think it was hard for me to react, as we were not close, though I tried to be.

He and my grandmother were married 25 years before they divorced, and in those 25 years, we found stories and memories that have helped me gain closure.

This photograph, taken in Alaska in 1952, shows my grandmother Yvonne and my grandfather as they were in those days — a young couple with dreams tucked away along with their clothes in a brand new sedan.

He served in the Air Force for nine years before earning honorable discharge, stationed in Alaska. They lived in a motor home during much of this time, until they finally had the money for a small home. They had two of their five children during that time. They loved to be outdoors and frequent camping trips were part of their story.

This photograph was taken while picnicking with friends. You can see the way their eyes glow; they were happy at this moment.

This is how I like to remember my grandfather — with a sparkle in his eye.

I love you grandpa. ~shared by @austinmarts

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