Family Fun with California Cousins

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Family Fun with California Cousins

Kiss Cousins.

Pictured are me and my sister (identical twins!) and my two cousins Cybele and Eric. This photo was taken in the backyard of my grandmother’s home in East Los Angeles, Circa 1977.

Growing up in Los Angeles surrounded by older cousins, we were exposed at a very young age to classic 1970s rock.

Our older cousins took a “creative eye” to our young eyes and decked us out in KISS glory. (Look at all that makeup!) I remember standing in line on their behalf at Tower Records for KISS tickets, so they could flirt with boys in checkered Vans further up the line.

Our older cousins influenced us youngsters, the emerging Generation X. And of course, we wouldn’t be the bad-ass generation that you know today without these experiences.

Thank you 70s! ~shared by @hiddenartSLO

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