Sharing a Southern Family Portrait

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Sharing a Southern Family Portrait

This is a photo of my beloved grandma, Hattie (Buoyer) Sacca. I’m not sure when this picture was taken, but I’m guessing she was around 8 years old.

Hattie was born in Raeford, North Carolina in 1916 to Sallie and John Buoyer. She was one of six kids.

She met Thomas Sacca, a second generation Italian, at a USO event where Thomas had been stationed at Fort Bragg. They married in 1940 and during the time they were married he served in the Korean War.

They lived the rest of their lives with their four daughters (including my mom) in Long Island, New York.

Hattie never was the kind of grandma who made cookies when we visited, but she made beautiful crafts such as quilts and beaded flowers. I particularly remember when she would tell me how big the mosquitoes were in NC, but she still had her Southern accent after all those years and would pronounce it like “meskiterz!” She passed in 2008 and I miss her dearly. ~shared by @uminotenshi

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