Vintage Family Photos from the Dust Bowl

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Vintage Family Photos from the Dust Bowl

This is my favorite photo of my grandma and her sibling in front of the only wooden part of their sod house in Colorado (pre dust bowl). If you look, you can see the sod roof and sod siding.

Grandma told stories about how they lived completely off of their land (homestead) and lost everything during the dust bowls.

There are many interesting family stories to tell, but a few things stand out more than others. Like how they had a rope tied from the house to the barn so they could find the barn during a dust storm. She said they would wrap their heads with cloth and walk the rope to tend to animals.

Her dad rounded up wild horses and broke and sold them. He did business with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. Once I asked her if they had to worry about wolves and she said, “yes all the time. If you saw a wolf, it meant a pack was nearby and a pack would take down your horse with you on it. If we were out and saw a wolf, we would book it back to the barn as fast as we could ride!” ~shared by @twilark_

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