What’s The Story Behind Save Family Photos?

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What's The Story Behind Save Family Photos?

What’s the story behind @savefamilyphotos?

That’s a great question. It’s one I’ve been asked many times.

And the answer is short and sweet: personal projects start in the heart.

My heart beats with the belief that old family photos tell stories…ones worth saving.

When we take time to tell our stories, we save them from being lost forever.

Read all about the heart behind Save Family Photos in this wonderful article by the smart folks at SLR Lounge.

rachellacourBy Rachel LaCour Niesen, Steward of Stories & Founder of SaveFamilyPhotos.

Rachel is a Yankee by birth but a Southern storyteller at heart. When a much-loved uncle gifted her with her first SLR camera, Rachel found her calling in photography. In pursuit of her passion, she headed to the University of Missouri, where she studied Photojournalism and Art History. Since then her work has appeared in publications such as the New York Times Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle. Along with her business partners, she founded LaCour, a wedding photography studio based in Atlanta. As LaCour grew, the team co-founded ShootQ, a cloud-based business management application for photographers. In 2010, ShootQ was acquired by Pictage. When she’s not curating old family photos, she enjoys adventures with her husband and partner in entrepreneurship, Andrew Niesen.

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