Can Candid Old Photos Reveal Our Grandparents’ Youthful Spirit?

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Can Candid Old Photos Reveal Our Grandparents' Youthful Spirit?

My grandparents on their wedding day back in August 1939.

When my grandpa first laid eyes on my grandma (who was stunning), he offered her a candy bar to impress her and fibbed that he was related to the Pauls of the Peter Paul Candy company. How smooth!

They were married for over 60 years before my Grandpa passed away. But my Grandmother celebrated their anniversary every year as if he was still here.

I love this image so much. For 1939, the candid nature is so unusual. But the moment! Oh, the moment! The way my grandfather is drinking in the moment, their happiness, it’s perfect.

And I’m sort of obsessed with my grandmother’s wedding “suit.” When I asked why she changed out of her dress, she told me they didn’t have the money for a proper dress and this is what she wore.

I really wish I could see what color it was and had thought to ask her while she was alive. I really hope it was something bright; I imagine it’s hot pink. 😉 I keep this image under glass on the dresser I inherited from my grandparents. ~shared by @robertsonjenn

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