Why Old Family Photos Don’t Belong in Boxes

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Family photos don’t belong in a box.

This photo was found whilst clearing out our family home of 22 years. It was taken by my Dad from the first floor of our family home in London.

It was 1980, and I imagine it was one of the few hot days we get in the summer.

My Mum is lounging in a tartan jumpsuit and white loafers, the height of fashion at the time!

My sister Sophie, the blondest blonde of all time, is sitting with the older girl from next door.

An ice cream cone is on the ground, whilst pussy the cat (that was the cat’s real name) eyes it longingly.

My Dad wasn’t a photographer, but he always seemed to capture beautiful moments without realising.

Cameras and video cameras were always present whilst we were growing up.

Dad passed away 6 years ago, so these photos became even more important to me. It makes me feel happy, as I can imagine my Dad looking out of that window, and feeling so proud of his wife and first daughter, who don’t seem to have a care in the world. ~ shared by @chloeslloyd

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