A Brooklyn Love Story Told by an Old Photo

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Meet my grandparents, Ethel and Jack.

They grew up in Brooklyn and my Grandpa hung out every day at the candy store on Linden Blvd. Grandma would go a hundred times a day to buy a penny chewing gum so she could see Grandpa.

She was 15; he was 21.

One of Grandpa’s friends liked her and asked her out on a date, but she really didn’t want to go out with him. So, she told him he could go with her best friend…but only if he brought HIS best friend – my Grandpa – to accompany her!

My Grandma was not a shy girl.
And that was the beginning of their relationship!
Grandpa absolutely adored my Grandma from the start, but worried that he was too old for her. So he fibbed and said he was 20, instead of 21.

They were married 4 years after that fateful first date.

It wasn’t until decades later, when my Grandparents were getting passports for the first time, that my Grandma learned the truth about his age; everyone had a great laugh!

My Grandpa passed away in 2001, and loved my Grandma with all of his heart, until the last beat it took. ~shared by @karenlisa

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