Photos Sing Songs of our Ancestors

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“The songs of our ancestors are also the songs of our children.” -Philip Carr-Gomm

This is a photo of my Dad and his two sisters, circa 1931.

My Dad was incredible. He was totally present in my life, gave great advice and we were super close.

My Aunt Julia, the one with the glasses, was my favorite aunt. She wrote me letters every month, stuffed with clipped supermarket coupons, chicklets gum and a dollar bill. She used to drink generic brand X beer and that drove my Dad nuts!

My Aunt Hettie, the baby in the photo, was a letter writer too. She had multiple freezers in the basement, packed with meats like a bomb shelter, and an attic full of brand new clothes ordered from catalogs still in the plastic. She was a high class hoarder with a heart of gold.

Above all my memories, though, is that my Dad was the greatest storyteller ever and so funny. He always held court and dressed to the nines. ~ shared by @lizajessiepeterson

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