Photographs are Part of a Family’s Soul

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Featured in this photo are my great grandparents: Nono and Nanna with their daughter, my great Aunt Vita. They’ve all passed now.

They were Sicilian immigrants, my Nono participated in the Italian army in WWII but we don’t know to what extent. My Nana, grandma and great aunt came to America by boat a few years after the war.

Within the next few years they all became American citizens, my Nono was very proud of this achievement. My great aunt died young, so I never was able to meet her, although, we talk about her often.

My Nono was my hero and best friend growing up. He had the most gorgeous garden and taught me so many things but was never able to teach me Sicilian, instead we would play a hand slapping game and we would go back and forth speaking phrases he taught me.

My Nana, his beautiful wife, was one of the strongest people I’ve ever met. She always went to church; welcomed anyone with open arms; and her cooking and baking were above the rest. She would get frustrated with Nonno and me, but it was always with love.

This photo was taken sometime in the 1960s, I believe my great aunt unfortunately passed away shortly after this. I would be born almost 30 years later, but this is one of my very cherished photos of my family…of the people who shaped and molded my entire family for years to come.

I feel like old photos are a part of a family’s collective soul. ~ shared by @milkglas

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