When the World Was a Small Place

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This is a photograph my older sister found. It is of me, my sisters, and a cousin who was like a sister. It is Halloween, and we are trick or treating.

This image first struck me when I saw it because I didn’t know it existed.

It was a time in our lives when our grandparents and several cousins lived within two or three blocks of each other.

We were each others’ greatest friends. We lived in our yards, and came and went from each others’ homes as if they were our own.

Now we are adults, and live much farther away and see each other only a few times a year at best. Sometimes less than that.

I miss those days of innocence. When the world was a small place filled with love and innocence. This photo reminds me of what’s important, of what used to be, but perhaps more importantly, it also reminds me of what could be.

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