Finding Old Photos and Seeing a Sparkle in My Grandmother’s Eyes

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These fetching young folks are my grandparents, Carrie & Paul Vansickle.

This photograph was most likely taken in West Virginia during the 1930’s. They were young, barely in their 20s. I see sparkling energy in their eyes!

My Grandfather was a body and fender man, a house builder, a teacher (of special needs young people) and an inventor of sorts. He has a street in Point Pleasant, West Virginia named after him because he built all of the houses on it!

He had a wonderful sense of humor and played the “mouth harp” (harmonica) so good that he could play the rhythm and melody at the same time. In addition to a passion for music, we shared a love of watermelon and peanuts. We made memories that shaped my childhood.

My Gramma Carrie was born in 1914. That makes her 101. That’s right, she’s still alive and beautiful!

Before dementia sadly sidelined her, she made the best fried chicken and apple pie you ever dreamed of. She loved to dance an Appalachian jig and did dance within the last year.

She used to slap Grampa on the cheek when she was afraid he might be getting drowsy at the wheel. One time she fashioned a lever and raised a car up that had fallen on him while he was working under it, saving his life!

Once I was riding along with her in a limo Grampa had wheeled and dealed; one of the rear wheels came off and passed us down the road.

My grandparents had quite an adventurous life and many stories to tell. Many of them are beyond the reach of Gramma’s memory now, but she still has her sense of humor. ~shared by @birchblaze

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